Festivals and sport events

Communication with public

Gambrinus Day

  • We planned and curated the first annual unique beer festival in the centre of Pilsen for a beer brand which had not yet had its own festival
  • We organised the largest serviced beer garden in the Czech Republic with draft beer served by the glass and operating 5000 seats
  • The city of Pilsen was given a face lift in the style of a big summer city fiesta
  • We created and managed the whole concept of the festival from marketing, sales, to activation and logistics/li>
  • For the festival we established a fantastic music programme on four stages
Client Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s. / Gambrinus
Realization June 2016
Place Pilsen
Traffic 25 000 people

The Vibrant Nine 2004 - 2016

  • Prague´s favourite multicultural festival
  • More than 30 countries represent their culture through traditional music, dance, handmade souveniers as well as home cuisine
  • Competitions and workshops, popular bands
  • An opportunity for Prague residents to experience and meet people from other cultures thus expanding cultural knowledge and forming bonds
  • We invite ethnical minorities to take part in cultural events in Prague
  • Festival functions to enlighten and unite people, prevent rasism, xenophobia and other forms of racial intolerance
Client MČ Praha 9
Realization August 2016
Location park Podviní, Praha 9
Traffic 10 000 people
Financing MVP provides financial partnership - sponsoring and grants

Get Jágr!

  • Three days of sporting activities and challenges
  • 6-11 year olds tested their strength and ability with Czech legend Jaromír Jágr
  • 10 disciplines were overseen by professional trainers -offering evaluation and recommended sporting activities for each individual child
  • Jarda Jágr personally interacted with each child during those 3 days
  • On-line activation
Client Sazka, a.s.
Realization August 2016
Location Sportovní areál Ministerstva vnitra Stromovka
Traffic Exclusively for kids who registered via the on-line campagne - 300 kids