Events for employees and teambuildings

Strenghtening of team bonds

3M Central Region Company Day

  • Company meeting of employees from three countries for the occasion of merging branches
  • Informal meeting of company management and employees
  • Fun teambuilding programme
  • Quiz game featuring voting equipment based on differences, specifics and myths of all three countries
  • „Hot chair” for management of the company - personal questions, personal videos and photos
  • Workshops
  • Moderated by intern employees
  • Communication in English
  • Evening entertainment programme, wine cellar, cimbalom, DJ
Client 3M
Realization November 2015
Location Mikulov
Traffic 220 people

T-Mobile workshop

  • Workshop where attendees constructed their own chairs which they used to sit on during the conference which followed it
Client T-Mobile
Realization October 2016
Location Prague
Traffic 87 attendees